North Valley Baptist Church was established in 1975 with a small band of 75 people. In 1976, Dr. Jack Trieber was called to pastor this infant work. God has greatly blessed the ministry of our pastor. From 1975 to present, more than 3.8 million people have come to hear the preaching of God’s Word, with over 78,000 making a profession of faith in Christ for salvation in one of our services, and over 18,900 following the Lord in believer’s baptism.

In these last 42 years, God has enabled the church to experience numerous building projects and expand its facilities to include a 65,000-square-foot building at Clyde Avenue, as well as a six-acre college and church campus at De La Cruz Boulevard.

It has been truly amazing to see the Lord do what some said, “couldn’t be done!”


The video keeps stopping and says, “buffering.”  How do I fix the problem?

Normally, this happens because your computer doesn’t have enough power or bandwidth. To determine the problem, please go, complete the test, and complete our streaming help form with your “download” and “upload” speed. This will help us diagnose your problem.

I can watch the live stream, but when I click a link to an archived service nothing happens. How do I fix the problem?

If Windows Media Player does not launch when you click on an archived video link, something must have changed the way file extensions are handled. If you are using Windows 7, try reclaiming Windows Media Player as the default player for the file extensions “.ASX” and “.WMV” Click here for detailed instructions.

It’s saying I need to download Silverlight to watch the live service. Is that true?

Yes, our live stream uses software called Silverlight. While on, you will be asked to install Silverlight. When prompted, simply follow the installation instructions and you can begin watching the live stream.

I tried downloading Silverlight, and it’s not installing. Any suggestions?

If Silverlight is not installing correctly, close all of your browser windows but one. Download Silverlight and follow the installation instructions. Then, close your browser, re-open, and try the live stream video again.

I am using a Mac and when I watch the archived video I can hear the audio, but I can’t see the video. What is the problem?

There appears to be a bug that prevents video from displaying properly while watching archived services through Safari. However, video and audio play correctly if you use Firefox. Click here to download Firefox. You may also need to download Flip4Mac to view archived services. Click here to download Flip4Mac.

Can I watch the live services on my iPhone or iPad?

Yes, click here to watch on your iPhone or iPad.

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